Glaucoma: Does Medicare Cover Your Test?

Glaucoma Does Medicare Cover Your Test

Did you know that glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world?  Any many Americans are unfamiliar with the disease, the effects, and how to take preventative measures (Optic Nerve Tests) against the eye disease.  What is one of the high-risk groups?  People age 60 and older.  Today we’re sharing what you should know about Glaucoma and how Medicare helps cover Glaucoma tests.

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Medicare vs. Medicaid

Medicare vs. Medicaid: Differences and Similarities

No matter your medical needs or your budget constraints, you want to get the best health insurance available. Learn about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and find out which is right for y

How to File a Medicare Claim

How to File Medicare Claims Step by Step Instructions

Most Americans never need to file a Medicare claim. Usually, Medicare providers send claims directly to Medicare so their members don’t need to do a thing. However, in some rare cases, people in Original Medicare may need to file their own claims. Follow these steps to make sure you file yours correctly.

Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part D

Combining a Medicare Part D & Medigap Insurance

Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans sold after January 2006 don’t feature coverage for prescription medications. People with these policies can minimize their out-of-pocket drug expenses by joining a Medicare Part D plan with a Medicare Supplement plan. Follow these steps to combine the plans and maximize your coverage

Happy Root Canal Awareness Week!

Happy Root Canal Awareness Week!

Root canals get no respect. People seem to dread this treatment more than any other dental service. And no matter how often dentists tell us that root canals relieve pain, by clearing up a dental infection, somehow the information just isn’t getting through.

Thankfully, the American Association of Endodontists (AAE) is stubborn. They’ve been patiently celebrating National Root Canal Awareness week for 11 years now. This year the special week is May 7-13. Let the celebrations begin!

Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

Cost & Coverage: Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

Medicare Supplement plans (sometimes called Medigap plans) and Medicare Advantage plans (sometimes called Medicare Part C plans) both help members minimize out-of-pocket costs from hospital stays and other medical expenses. While they are both private plans, there are some key differences Americans should consider when deciding which plan best suits their needs.

Medicare Supplement Application Process

For most Medicare recipients, the enrollment process doesn’t end with Part A and Part B coverage. If you want to fill in the gaps, you may enroll into Medicare Supplement Insurance. Learn how to pick the right Medigap policy and navigate the Medicare Supplement Insurance application process successfully.