Travel Health Insurance for Senior Travelers

Travel Health Insurance

Travelling for people over 65 years of age can be a risky venture.  Pre-existing medical conditions can make international travel even riskier.  One way to help provide guidance to these customers is to review the potential financial hardship of international medical emergencies as well as the challenges of various healthcare processes abroad.  Here is a few tips on Travel Health Insurance

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3 Retirement Rules You Should Know


3 Retirement Rules You Should Know

Retirement Article Courtesy of The Motley Fool

You’ve worked hard all your life and are looking forward to a time when you can leave your career behind you and enjoy the fruits of your labor. But there’s a lot of thought that needs to go into retirement, and if you don’t plan for it carefully, you could wind up in financial trouble sooner than you’d think. Here are a few retirement rules to keep in mind as you map out your future.

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Medicare Fraud: How to Spot & Stop Them

Medicare Fraud

Mr. Jones didn’t think he would ever contribute to Medicare fraud.  Then, he answered his phone one afternoon and spoke with a nice young woman.

The woman on the phone told him about a program that could save him hundreds of dollars each month on his prescriptions.  Of course he was interested.  She offered to sign him up over the phone.  Mr. Jones provided his Medicare number and bank account information.

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How Safe Is Your Medicare Advantage Plan?

Medicare Advantage Plans in Colorado

Medicare Advantage plans have become increasingly popular over the years as older Americans look for ways to cut back on their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.  By combining the coverage of traditional Medicare, a Medicare prescription drug plan, and a Medicare supplemental insurance policy into one package, Medicare Advantage plans have the advantage of simplicity and can also bring cost savings.  Yet it’s also important to understand the potential risks of Medicare Advantage plans so you can evaluate whether it makes sense to choose one over traditional Medicare.

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Medigap Plan Review: Plan F, G, & N

Medigap Plan Reviews Plan F G & N

Medigap Plan Review

When choosing a Medicare Supplement plan and conducting Medicare research, you may have heard that Medicare Supplement Plan F is the best plan. Is this actually the case? Is Medigap Plan F the best plan and, if so, is it the best plan for you?   You may need to do a Medigap Review.

When considering any Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plan, it is important to first understand the concept of Federal Standardization. This is simply the way Medigap plans are organized. Each plan letter is a standardized plan that can be sold by a variety of insurance carriers in states throughout the country with the same basic benefits.

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