Worried About Health Insurance Gaps?

Identifying Health Insurance Coverage Gaps

Identifying Health Insurance Gaps

Many people don’t realize that Medicare does NOT cover all medical needs, which creates health insurance gaps in coverage.  To help identify where you might have gaps, it’s important to do an annual checkup of your health care and financial needs – since these often change from year to year.  Use these three questions to help you get started in evaluting any health insurance gaps you might have.

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5 Reasons Singles Need Life Insurance, Too

Life Insurance

Life insurance is something only married people need, right? Wrong, Singles Need Life Insurance too.  As with so many personal finance questions, the answer to this one is – it depends.

There are several reasons you might want to purchase life insurance even when you’re single, though you may need less coverage than someone who wants to provide for a surviving spouse or children.  That’s because there may be other family members or loved ones who could be affected financially in the event of your death.

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Missed Your Medicare Initial Enrollment?

Medicare Initial Enrollment

Medicare provides a General Enrollment Period (GEP) every year for people who missed signing up during their Medicare Initial Enrollment Period when they were first eligible.  It’s getting a second chance for Medicare enrollment. If you missed the Medicare Initial Enrollment then you can enroll durung the General Enrollment period … Keep Reading..

Missed the Medicare Open Enrollment? Here’s What You Can Do

Medicare Enrollment

Most Americans enroll for Medicare at their earliest opportunity, because the program provides affordable and extensive coverage for a wide array of healthcare costs.  After you’ve enrolled in Medicare, you have the option each year to make changes to your coverage during the Medicare open enrollment period.  That period is less than eight weeks long, however, and it’s easy for people to miss it in the year-end bustle of the holidays.  If you’re one of the many Medicare enrollees who Missed the Medicare Open Enrollment, which ended on Dec. 7, there are some options available to you if you still want to make changes to your coverage.

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