What will Medicare Cost Me?

A very common question we get, “What will Medicare Cost Me?”  This is probably the single most important question a new enrollee into Medicare can ask; especially one who is retiring and planning to live off a fixed income.

What is now called Original Medicare, is made up of 2 Parts.  There is Medicare Part A, which is your hospital insurance and Medicare Part B, which is your doctor’s insurance.

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Hot Dogs & Sparklers & Starbursts, Fourth of July Safety Oh My!

Happy Fourth of July! Break out the hot dogs, cold drinks, and apple pie!  But do not forget about Fourth of July Safety!!

Ironically, even though Independence Day may be filled with fun activities, what everyone truly waits for is the day to end.  Or more precisely, for darkness to fall.  And all across our great country, folks head for city parks, ballparks, rivers, lakes, ocean shore, or wherever the local display is about to begin, to ooh! and aah! at the true centerpiece of all Fourth of July celebrations: fireworks!

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