Why Use An Independent Insurance Agent?

Independent Insurance Agent

You want an insurance plan that fits your personal needs and your budget. You want a plan that you’ll still be happy with six months from now!  A licensed Independent Insurance Agent wants those same things for you.


Here are three simple reasons:

  1. You can use an Independent Insurance Agent’s services for NO COST. Agents make money through commissions that are already included into the cost of every insurance plan, no matter where you buy it or whether an agent was involved.  A plan never costs more just because you choose to buy with an agent.  When you understand the benefits of shopping through a licensed agent – and the fact that you don’t have to pay more for using an agent – it’s easy to see why shopping with an agent is the smart way to go.

  2. Independent Insurance Agents make it easy to understand your options.  Unless you have a real passion for fine print and insurance terminology, it’s not always easy to understand what you’re seeing when comparing health insurance options.   Licensed Independent Insurance Agents live and breathe this stuff every day and they’re specially trained to help you understand how plans differ from one another and how your coverage will actually work in the real world.

  3. Independent Insurance Agents are your advocates even after you enroll.  Your agent is there for you even after you buy a new insurance plan.  Your agent can help you re-shop each year or whenever big life changes happen and you need to update your coverage.  What’s more, your agent can serve as your advocate with the insurance company when you have questions about benefits or about how a claim was processed.

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