Medicare Forms

If you have higher income, the law requires an adjustment to your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums. Higher-income bene ciaries pay higher premiums for Part B and prescription drug coverage. This affects less than 5 percent of people with Medicare, so most people don’t pay a higher premium.

Some people with Medicare have other health coverage that must pay before Medicare pays its share of the bill. This guide tells how Medicare works with other kinds of coverage and who should pay your bills first. ​

This official government booklet: Choosing a Medigap Policy. A Guide to Health Insurance for People with Medicare ​

This official government booklet tells you: Summary of Medicare benefits, coverage decisions, rights and protections, and answers to the most frequently asked questions about Medicare.​

Per CMS (Medicare) mandated guidelines, all face to face appointments requires the completion of a Scope of Appointment form to be filled out by the beneficiary. This will serve as a confirmation of our appointment and keep us in line with CMS regulations. You can simply return prior to our appointment by faxing, emailing, or mailing to our office. ​