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Aurora Colorado Rideshare InsuranceGet a ridesharing insurance quote online and avoid the gap

Whether you have that entrepreneurial spirit or are just making a few bucks on the side, you want to avoid a gap in coverage. Spend less time worrying and more time driving. Get a solution for rideshare insurance. Don't run the risk of not being covered. See how quickly you can get a ridesharing insurance quote.

Most personal auto policies exclude "drive for hire."  Having two policies can be both costly and confusing. having a ridesharing policy is the affordable alternative that covers your vehicle for personal use, ridesharing and other on-demand services.  Bridging the gap, this "hybrid auto policy" provides coverage when the rideshare app is off, when it is on with no passengers in the vehicle, and when it is on with passengers (subject to exclusions and conditions).

Ridesharing Insurance Coverage Made Easy

Rideshare Insurance is "uber" flexible

Rideshare Insurance offers the same great policy and claims service you've come to expect from your Personal Auto.  Ridesharing policies replace the driver's personal auto policy, providing coverage both for personal and ridesharing use.  Wheather the App on or app off, drivers are covered.  Uber, Lyft, or other on-demand service-drivers are not limited to just one transportation network company.

Singular Savings

With a single policy, it doesn't matter whether you're "on the clock" or just driving for personal reasons. Eliminate coverage gaps and don't worry about which policy is primary if you have an accident. Best of all, ridesharing coverage is offered at rates typically much lower than taxi and commercial rates.

Why You Need Ridesharing Insurance

Uber and Lyft only cover rideshare drivers during Period 3.

  • Period 1 is when you are not logged on to your rideshare app and are technically "Off the Clock".
  • Period 2 starts while you are logged on to your rideshare app and are waiting for a customer to request a ride.
  • Period 3 starts once you accept a ride request and are en route to your passenger and/or once your passenger gets into your car.

Rideshare Gap Example

So, when you’re online and waiting for a request during Period 2, you have no collision coverage from Uber or Lyft and much lower liability limits.  So as a rideshare driver, you’re most at risk during Period 2 since you won’t get any collision coverage from rideshare companies and your personal insurer likely won’t cover you during this time either.

Rideshare insurance solves this gap by covering drivers during Period 2, and additionally, they won’t drop you for being a rideshare driver.

Some policies will even cover you during All Periods so you won’t be subject to Uber’s $1,000 collision deductible and Lyft’s $2,500 collision deductible.


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